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Jose Sol

My Point of View

In-depth look at the world of hospitality industry

Welcome to my blog! I’m a madman in love with my job, who also loves to write. My point of view is going to be the sum of all the experiences I am lucky to live.

I wanted it to be the bases of that book I always have in my mind to write.

Jamón has been one important part of my life for some time now, and that has given me the opportunity to visit many countries, meet a lot of people, enjoy some of the best restaurants, and above all, make many good friends. From great chefs, to food lovers, from football players, to politicians and businessmen. I am a very fortunate person who wants to enjoy life and do what’s possible for those who are near me to be able to enjoy it too.

I want to show you that part of the world that I live in…the best restaurants, my best recipes, my personal conversations with great chefs, special events, the true world that revolves around my Jamón.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing about it.

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Let's Enjoy the Jamón!!!

A phrase that is a way of life... A mantra that breathes life into every moment. This phrase, crafted to encourage my British clients to...


The hotel and catering business should be grateful for every customer's visit. Sometimes we forget that we live off our customers, that...

Korea is more Spanish than ever.

Spanish gastronomy finds a place in South Korea My last trip to South Korea has showed me more than ever, that many people in Korea love...


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It seems Lockdown is finished.

It has been probably one of the harder years for the hospitality industry. The UK Government has tried to keep all the industry but many...

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