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Someone called me one day... "Jose Sol, The Messiah of Jamòn"

About me we can say a lot, and a little… I have bumped into so many stones on my road that I have already lost count. The mistakes have made me strong and I have tried to learn from every one of them.

Life has led me into having all sorts of jobs, and from each and every one of them I am proud about everything I have learned, and they have left a page in the story of my life.
There have been people that have not been in agreement with so many changes, but now I think that that has been the best lesson I could have, I have learnt the best of each step of my life, but above all, I have learnt the lessons that life has given me.
I founded Spanish Ham Master in 2010 and from that day I’ve never stopped to speak about Jamón. Spanish Ham Master is today without any doubt one of the most reputed brands in the world of Jamón and in the Spanish gastronomy.  
Spanish Ham Master has visited the United States, Russia, different countries of Europe, Australia, South Korea and now it’s involved in a nice project in China. I have carved Jamón at the most exclusive events, and I had the opportunity to work for very important people, from the best chefs, actors, football teams, politicians, and even very honoured to carve my jamón for the royal family.

During this terrible pandemic I had to learn again how to live and I built a new brand. Reinventing yourself in life is part of success, it is a way of living the changes that today we live. I love Spain, and I love Spanish gastronomy, that is why I started Tapas Culture

I come from the world of marketing and I think that thanks to that I have been successful in each of my projects, marketing is vital in our day to day, and I think that well-planned, it helps to adapt to each situation to get the maximum out of everything. I don’t think that success is always linked to money. I value much more personal success, the success happiness can give you, and that lets you sleep at night.
Something that started as a hobby has became a very important tool in my life. That is why I decided to study everything around Social Media. I'm now building my new project, My Point of View is going to be a special "concierge" service for Social Media. I'm now taking care of a very limit social media accounts from my customers... Once again my passion has become the way to live for me.

I am a proud member of the Chaine de Rostisseurs, 

I am a proud member of  The Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier 

Married to the best woman in the world, and father of two fantastic children that almost without noticing have become older.

Without a doubt, the biggest of my achievements has been to dedicate to my family the time they have requested… life without them would have no meaning.

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