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Formula 1 Night Race - Singapore Grand Prix with Dani Garcia

The High-Speed World of Formula 1 with Dani Garcia, One of Spain's Finest Chefs

Dania Garcia, Jorge Díaz and Jose Sol
Thanks for making me feel part of the team. Dani Garcia and Jorge Díaz, Operations Manager

Fresh from a wonderful journey to Singapore, Spanish Ham Master had the privilege of working at the Formula 1 Paddock Club in Singapore. Ever since I founded Spanish Ham Master over thirteen years ago, I continue to be amazed by the milestones this venture achieves day by day. It's not the first time we've been involved in Formula 1; Spanish Ham Master worked with the Ferrari team at the Barcelona circuit and, of course, at Silverstone. However, working at the Singapore Grand Prix was a true luxury, and I must extend my gratitude to Maria Varela from Cinco Jotas and the Culina importer team in Singapore.

I won't delve into race summaries; everyone knows they were genuinely exciting, and we had the immense honor of hearing the Spanish national anthem, thanks to Carlos Sainz's victory!

Felicidades Carlos!

Table at the Dani García Paddock Club
All the details were perfectly taken care of for the enjoyment of the guests.

This post is dedicated to Dani Garcia and his fantastic team (although I won't name them all as I'm sure to miss someone). Congratulations on the outstanding work; everything ran seamlessly, and there was a wonderful atmosphere of teamwork throughout.

Regardless of the intensity of the work, it always felt like everything was perfectly under control. Working in the Paddock Club is no walk in the park; there's no set schedule for when customers arrive or leave. We know when we start and finish service, but the work spikes are unpredictable and could hit at any time. Jorge, the Operations Manager, was always on top of things, setting alerts to ensure everything was ready. Personally, I set a new record for jamón carving, managing to slice up four hams in a single day of service.

Rice in paella pan cooked with Presa Iberica
Presa Ibérica Rice, absolutely amazing!!!

It was a tremendous experience collaborating with Dani Garcia. I've spent many years working with great chefs, but there's always something new to learn. Dani is a magnificent chef who has demonstrated an incredible ability to adapt and reinvent himself when needed. His culinary repertoire spans almost all segments, and he undoubtedly adds value and personality to each one. The Singapore menu was a triumph, from the lobster to the tuna tartare with caviar, cherry gazpacho, the fabulous Iberian pork and mushroom rice - everything was memorable, and we received compliments from customers at every turn.

Tuna with Caviar
Tuna with caviar.

But if I have to highlight one thing about him, it's his personal side, his excellent rapport with his team, and the respect he earns in the kitchen. Standing beside Dani Garcia is like being next to a culinary deity. Despite his extensive professional accomplishments, he remains approachable. I want to emphasize his warmth, humility, and passion for gastronomy, for representing Spain's colors in each of his recipes. He is a true connoisseur of the industry who savours every moment of a challenging profession where the higher you climb, the more dizzying it can become! It's a pleasure to work with someone who loves jamón ibérico as much as I do, someone who is critical of potential flaws but admires the qualities of a good Jamón.

Jamón Cinco Jotas at the Grand Prix
Victory for the Jamón at the Singapore Grand Prix

Thank you, Chef!!! It was a pleasure working with you. My knives will always be at your disposal!

Let's enjoy the Jamón!!!

Gracias Dani!!!

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Gregorio Gonzalo Benito
Gregorio Gonzalo Benito
Sep 25, 2023

Great Jose Sol!!!!

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