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Great experience with the fantastic team of La Linterna, Spanish radio program.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I’m writing this on the train back home, still fascinated by COPE’s La Linterna’s fantastic team, led by Angel Exposito.

My work with Spanish producers and, above all, with jamón, has always given me great satisfactions, and one of the most important ones is to be able to meet people you admire and have been listening to on the radio for years. And one day you sit with them, face to face, under the shadow of a microphone.

Angel Exposito’s voice has rung in my car for a long time, in my phone’s earbuds as I travel from one place to another thanks to podcasts. Today I have had the chance to shake his hand and be able to talk to him.

I have to thank my dear Paloma Garcia Ovejero, COPE correspondent in the UK. She’s always making sure to provide coverage on the people that do Spanish branding. As another artist of his style already did, the great Jose Luis Concejero, mi friend Conce.

It wasn’t the first time I have been on the radio, but it was the first time I had to do it sitting directly with a talk-show guest of the magnitude of Jimmy Burns, President of the British Spanish Society, or the scientist, Paco Molina. Thank God, people I know from the past, and who I admire.

In an improvised studio in a hotel with a bunch of last-moment complications, like the last-minute arrival of the great "Tron", the magic of the radio was made. And “Linterna de COPE” was ignited to shine from London, as it does every night.

It was wonderful to live this experience and see the fantastic synchronisation of the entire team. They made us have a great time and I think it’s been the fastest hour of my life!!! Time flew by!! I had the chance to offer them a great plate of Jamón Ibérico (Spanish Iberico ham acorn fed) that my dear friend Abel Lusa , from the restaurant Cambio de Tercio allowed me to cut to take to the radio. A 100% acorn cured Iberian ham that was applauded by the entire team!

From here, I offer my tiny homage to that great team from COPE and my full appreciation for having let me be a part of La Linterna for a while!!! A warm hug queridos amigos, and see you soon!!

If you wish to listen to the interview, follow this link HERE

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