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Let's Enjoy the Jamón!!!

A phrase that is a way of life... A mantra that breathes life into every moment.

Jamon Iberico, Cortador the jamón Londres
Let's Enjoy the Jamón, One phrase to build brand marketing

This phrase, crafted to encourage my British clients to savor Jamon Iberico in a different way than they did with Parma Ham. Since my arrival in the UK in 2010, I've always sought to convey our Spanish culture through the Jamón Ibérico, essentially spreading "jamón culture" wherever I went.

It's quite amusing that when I started using this phrase, it faced criticism from those who claimed to know more English than I did (which was a lot of them). I distinctly remember being told it was poorly constructed and sounded off. It's funny that now after so much time using it in my social media, it is a widely used phrase among many people in the ham industry. It has become a hashtag used on social networks to emphasise the Jamón culture. Life takes interesting turns, which makes one proud of the work done over the years.

"Let's enjoy the Jamón" is a phrase with all the strength and meaning of what I've always wanted to sell... ENJOY THE JAMÓN, LIVE THE JAMÓN. For me, this phrase signifies joy, moments of delight, and a passion for the good times we have. Iberian ham is a meeting point, a moment of satisfaction that each one can experience in their own way, from the solitude of meditation to the most significant celebration with friends. Iberian ham is unique, and that's why it will always make us live unique moments.

I consider myself very fortunate because, without a doubt, I have the best clients. And I don't say this just because of the numerous important personalities for whom I've had the honor of slicing ham. I say it because ALL my clients appreciate my work, value, and respect the product I present to them. I've conducted product tastings for people I've admired all my life. It's an honor for me to see how royal families, politicians, footballers, singers, actors and business men from around the world dedicate a moment with full attention to appreciate the greatness of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota —a product that is undoubtedly the best ambassador of Spanish gastronomy.

"Let's enjoy the Jamón" means joy, it means gathering, it means magic—it's a state that transports us to our best memories.

Spanish Ham Master has been able to build a business around Jamón Ibérico by simply transmitting our culture and inviting others to enjoy it.

To each and every one of my clients, thank you for helping me elevate the Jamón to new heights. Muchas Gracias!!!


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