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The hotel and catering business should be grateful for every customer's visit.

Sometimes we forget that we live off our customers, that our business, and therefore our world, revolves around each and every visit our customers make to us.

I have been working for many years in one way or another in the world of hospitality and I realise that there are many businessmen/chefs who have forgotten the most important thing... to say thank you! To thank the clients for choosing us for that special celebration, for having put all their illusion in our restaurant, or in our service to have a special day.

Some businessmen get full of ego and think they are doing people a favour by having their place open, and that has a very short life... or at least it will only last as long as they keep paying their PR to organise something that keeps bringing new people to their place.

Please, by this I don't mean that the client is always right, or that we have to drop our trousers every time a customer wants to. On the contrary, we have to do our job, and the customer values us for it, but we have to thank them for it. It's as simple as Thank you for coming, thank you for choosing us and we hope to see you soon.

At least I do, and it works very well for me! From here thank you to all my clients for continuing to trust us with your services.

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