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Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The Master Carver succeeds in events throughout London.

There is no doubt that the noise we have sow during these years is bearing fruits. The word “Jamón” is nowadays related to the very best events in London.The Master Carver is becoming an indispensable figure for any event planner. A success events company, with the courage needed to give the next step to surprise their customers, must have a Master Carver on their agenda.

But is everyone valid? When choosing a Jamón Master Carver (cortador de Jamón), what should be looking for?

Firstly and most important, we have to make sure the carver or Ham Carving Company is under possession of the relevant licenses and certificates required to exercise the profession and is covered by liability insurance.The carver, being extremely professional, is a person who is armed with large knives has the potential risk of creating hazard situations. Even when the carver is extremely professional, misfortune of an accident might happen. In England there is many lawyers ready to do all the paperwork for their customers in case of an accident, which in principle will be fortuitous and that is why the carver must be always covered under a good insurance company.

Secondary, we have to find a carver with good references to make sure he is going to provide a proper service, ensuring to carve the jamón in the correct way to achieve the experience the guests are expecting. The Jamón deserves respect; it must be carved in the right manner and with enough professionalism. The carver must be equipped with his own knives and the Jamón holder.The carver must also be able to talk to the attendees and explain the precedence of the Jamón, including what it makes it distinctive, unique and special. It is fundamental for the carver to spread the Jamón Culture while carving. Jamón is very successful in London and the rest of United Kingdom and it makes people want to learn more about it, especially the different types in order to decide what to consume. It is essential for the carver to be able to explain and transmit this to the customer.

Lastly but not least, profitability. It is very sad but we have found there are some carvers getting paid even less than a professional waiter. This is bad for the customer. An experienced carver will get more slices from different spots making jamón profitable. This will result on more plates to be served for our guests. Is not worth if we save money on the service of carving the jamón, the most expensive part, is wasted. Choose a good carver to do the service for you.

To conclude, the carving must be meticulous. It is compulsory that a professional Spanish Ham Carver should dress accordingly to the event, casual attire such as jeans, does not represent the Jamón culture appropriately. All the carvers should be serious about this point as bad presence will ruin the reputation and image of the carver and/or the company.

If you require any special service please visit this link, I would love to help you.

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