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Arroz with Presa Ibérica at HISPANIA (London)

In the middle of the City of London, Hispania brings the flavour of the Dehesa.

I have to say that I've been great fan of this restaurant since the very beginning, even when they opened almost without proper kitchen.

HISPANIA's menu has always something interesting to try, never let you down. Today I want to tell you about this fantastic this that made me travel to the dehesa, to my childhood in Spain.


Iberian Pork - Loin Shoulder Rice with Saffron Ali-Oli


Really nice presented in a flat baking tray. It has a very thin layer of rice, which allows a consistency and homogeneity in all the rice, with a perfect cooking and distribution of flavour.

The flavour is very pronounced to smoked paprika, and the crispy broccoli add a lovely mix of texture with the rice and the really tender meat.

I think Saffron Ali-Oli does more in terms of design than really contribute something necessary of flavour. I mean, the flavour of the stock used to cook the rice is really good and transmit incredible flavours, but I understand that one dish has to be a win win, where presentation and elaboration make a great dish.

From my point of view, we have a highly recommended option to order at Hispania. It is a big portion, perfectly shared between the Presa Ibérica and the rice, I would even recommend order it for two people.

The price is 28 and I honestly believe that it is deserved given the quality of the products that are used to cook it. Quality products perfectly cooked and nicely served.

Congratulations to Chef Javier and all the fantastic team of Hispania London.

Felicidades amigos!


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