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Korea is more Spanish than ever.

Great Success of the Jamón professional training organised by Iberko in South Korea. Jose Sol surrounded by some of the best chefs of South Korea.
Jamón Professional Training at Seoul.

Spanish gastronomy finds a place in South Korea

My last trip to South Korea has showed me more than ever, that many people in Korea love Spain, our culture and definitely our gastronomy.

Once again I've been invited by Isaac Cabañas, CEO of IBERKO IBERIAN GOURMET IMPORTS to celebrate the 7th Professional Jamón Carving Course. This is the sixth time that I will be travelling to South Korea, so I can look with a different perspective on how the market of Spanish products has grown.

A few restaurants are leading the Spanish gastronomy in Seoul. They are doing a fantastic job bringing flavours from different areas of Spain. And all of them have something in common... El Jamón!! It's absolutely incredible how they respect the best ambassador of the Spanish gastronomy.

IBERKO is importing many quality products, but he is the leader importing the best jamón and sharing all their knowledge with their customers.

Selling Jamón in South Korea, more than 10000kms from where it has been produced is not easy, its requires a big effort, so I want to dedicate these words to all the people involved in this chain, from my good friend Isaac Cabañas from IBERKO to all the restaurant owners, chefs and carvers who every day make this possible.

JAMONEKO: This place is an inspirational for me. How they look after the products, the nice selection of Jamón and the presentation of them is amazing. If you love Jamón don't miss this place!

Jose Sol at Jamoneko doing one exbition and tasting
Jamón event at Jamoneko. Picture by Gonzalo Pierrard

TAPA MADRE: I feel very close to this place, actually if you have the opportunity to visit this restaurant you will see some picture of me on the wall. I'm so proud to see how they are improving their food selection and over all how they look after the Jamón. It's always a pleasure to be there.

Tapa Madre in Seoul, Jose Sol and Isaac Cabañas at the main door
With Isaac Cabañas, CEO of Iberko at the main door of Tapa Madre

THE XEF By Manu Manzano: I met the chef Manu Manzano during my first trip to South Korea. I've been following his carer since that moment and I really like to see he is now running his own restaurant. Great atmosphere, nice food and good selection of Spanish wines.

The Xef By Manu Manzano
The Xef by Manu Manzano in Seoul.

CURATED BY LABEL: Lovely place in Seoul where you can enjoy nice selection of Jamón and a big range of wines. They take care of all the products and special care of their selection of Jamón.

El TXOCO de Terreno Really good atmosphere, fantastic food and very focused on bringing quality products. I really enjoyed and could see the good feedback from their customers. Congratulations to the chef @carloschez for his job.

Nice plate of Jamón
Plate of Jamón at El Txoco de Terreno

L'ESTIU Almacén Mediterraneo Without any doubt, this has been the surprise of my last trip to South Korea. Absolutely in love with this place. I have to say that from my last visit in November 2021 they have moved to a new better place where you can enjoy their incredible service and food. I've not been there yet but I can't wait to visit them again. The food was superb, the presentation, the quality of the products and one of the things I loved was their passion for Spanish products and gastronomy. The rice was amazing, the octopus, the boquerones, and how they introduce every single plate is just fantastic.

If we speak about Jamón, once again, congratulations to Jose and all the team for their fantastic job!

Jamón Iberico Nuts
Plate of Jamón served at L'Estiu. Very elegant and well presented with different textures.

Big thanks to everyone involved in the Spanish gastronomy in South Korea. Congratulations to all of you for your amazing job. I can't wait to be there again.

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